Eat deliciously, zero plastic waste

Reusable container "Repaco" common to participating stores  with the desire to "reduce plastic waste"

You can use Repaco for the take-out menu at participating stores or take home the dishes you couldn't eat.

By using this container we save  approximately 25 g of plastic waste and reduce our CO2 

by 132 g in a single use (calculated based on data from the Ministry of the Environment(*))

Let's say goodbye to that guilt we feel every time we throw away a container!

* Calculated with reference to the Ministry of the Environment's "3R intensity calculation method".

How to participate

Please add Repaco's friends on LINE.
We will send you the latest information on how to register from LINE.  

 Click here for participating stores
 Click here to apply for registration

Please come to the participating store and fill out the "Member Registration Application Form".
Please pay a deposit fee of 1,000 yen.
If you download the application form in advance, print it out, and bring it with you after filling it out, the procedure at the store will be smooth.

You will only be charged a deposit fee at the beginning. It will be returned when you cancel your membership.

If the container is damaged or lost, the deposit fee will not be refunded,and please be sure to report it to the store.

Add Friends on Line 

How to use

Please add Repaco as a friend on LINE. (After you register)
Please send an image of the deposit fee "receipt" to REPACO via LINE.
After that, if you show the LINE screen at participating stores, you can purchase your Repaco bento.

Or you can present your "membership certificate" at participating stores to purchase your Repaco bento.

If you purchase a Repaco, points will be awarded on LINE.
When you accumulate points, there are benefits, so please enjoy collecting them.

Repaco can only be used for the menu specified at each store.
If necessary, please bring your own bag or furoshiki to take home.

You can also use Repaco when you take home the dishes that you could not eat at the restaurant.

Take it home

Repaco is microwave and dishwasher compatible. You can heat it up in the microwave at home and enjoy it.

 Please heat the microwave oven for 2 minutes at 500W and for 1 minute at 1000W.
 Since Repaco is a resin product, it cannot be used on an open fire, oven, or grill.
 Please refrain from using it in the freezer.

How to return the container

When you finish eating, wash the container and return it the next time you come to the store.
Returns will be accepted at any participating store.
In principle, please return it within 2 weeks.

Repaco is a reusable container that everyone shares. The container is not for sale, so please return it each time you use it.
Since it is a shared container, please handle it carefully. Please do not mark it,or write your name or it.

Returned containers must be cleaned at the store for hygiene reasons.
You cannot pack the food yourself as it is in the container brought for return.

What we aim for

As the problem of plastic waste becomes more serious, we aim to reduce plastic waste from stores by replacing "disposable containers" with "reusable containers."

In addition, we believe that by making it a common initiative of multiple stores rather than a single store, we will improve convenience for users and increase the response from those around us.

As understanding of the small efforts of aspiring stores spreads, a small cycle by the store's fans will expand. Ideally, this circle will expand as interaction between multiple stores and their fans is created.

As the number of stores and users who agree with us increases, we will expand the scope of our efforts, and our ultimate goal is to create a society in which Repaco is circulating everywhere in Shiga Prefecture. By that time, we are sure that we will have Repaco in many different sizes and shapes.

We are just getting started, and we would like to ask for your warm support of our challenge.

About the container

We were also particular about the container. It is a biomass plastic product that fuses natural cypress wood powder with plastic, which has an antibacterial effect. We reduce the amount of plastic used in the manufacturing process by about 50%. In addition, this cypress wood powder is made from wood chips generated in the manufacturing process of woodworking manufacturers.

We adopted this container since it is compatible with microwave ovens and dishwashers.

Product name "Hinoki no Pla"
   Tatsumiya Corporation (Kaga, Ishikawa)

"Hinoki no Pla Bento Box Series Wins Gold Prize at 'Ishikawa Eco Design Award 2022'"